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ETI Analytics Inc develops and produces chemical analyzers for laboratories and outdoor applications as well as for online monitoring of water quality. ETI analyzers are used to detect nutrients, halogens, heavy metals and optical parameters in groundwater, wastewater and soil.

Our analyzers have been installed in municipal and industrial facilities in several countries. They are widely used in environmental analysis and industrial applications such as municipal wastewater treatment centers, power plants, chemical plants, smelting and metallurgical factories.

ETI analyzers are designed by our experienced chemical engineers who understand clients' compliance need. Our staff have always put customers' need as top priorities and we are willing to work together to develop creative solutions for their problems.

Contact ETI analytics today to find out how we can serve your needs with quality, innovation, and competitive prices.

2100 Series Online Water Quality Analyzer
2100 Series Online Water Quality Analyzer
2200MP Online Water Quality Analyzer
2200MP Online Water Quality Analyzer.
3100VA Heavy Metal Online Analyzer
3100VA Heavy Metal Online Analyzer.
4100TI Online Titration Analyzer
4100TI Online Titration Analyzer.
5100MP Heavy Metal Online Analyzer
5100MP Heavy Metal Online Analyzer.