ETI Analytics

5100MP Heavy Metal Online Analyzer.

Performance Characteristics

► Atomic emission spectrum principle.

► Analytes include metal and nonmetal.

► Analytes up to 70 elements.

► Widelinear range: ppb~ppm.

► Wide wavelength range: 176nm~780nm.

► Integral rectangular tube.

► Analytes multiple elements in minutes.

► High salinity tolerance: Up to 3% TDS.

► No flammables gas. Minimal safety issues.

► Nitrogen plasma: temperature controlled at 5000k.

► Low consumable costs: extracts nitrogen from the air.

► Integrated computer control, user-friendly interface.

► Low detection limit: comparable to laboratory ICP-AES.

► CCD solid state track detector: simultaneously corrects background and interference.

5100 Product Details

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